To create and publish your own Professional Profile page on Profescan directory, you can either contact us to create it for you as a part of our All-Inclusive VIP package, or follow the steps detailed below to do it yourself:

From the home page menu, click on Create Profile

If you’re not registered on Profescan, click on the green ‘Register’ button, fill-in all fields and hit ‘Register’

If you already have a registered account, login with your username and password

Create a Professional Profile:

Once you’re registered and logged-in, click here

Start filling in your details

We recommend that you include as many details as you can. This will increase your chances to be found and contacted by potential clients

If you don’t have all needed files, info or details handy, don’t worry. Just start with what you have, submit your professional profile, and you can add/edit/customize your info and details at any later time

Under YOUR PROFILE HEADER section, we recommend you input your full name (or nickname), upload a personal portrait photo as a profile picture, as well as a cover photo that is catchy and relevant to your profession. You can use your business logo or some business brochure as a cover photo

Under YOUR PROFESSION section, select the category that best describes your profession, trade or service from the drop-down menu. If you can’t find your profession in the list, you can contact us after you submit your profile, and we will take the appropriate action

Under INTRODUCE YOURSELF section (All-Inclusive plan only), we recommend that you type a thorough text where you introduce yourself, your profession, your specialties, your services, your achievements, your portfolio and/or your projects. You can also write about what makes you better than others in your field. Use keywords, so you can be found on search engines

Under YOUR BUSINESS section (All-Inclusive plan only), write about your business. You can include your business name, slogan, vision, services, as well as any details you'd like to mention to your clients about your business

Under YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION section, enter your email, phone number (All-Inclusive plan only), website if you have one (All-Inclusive plan only), as well as your social media channel links up to 7 social media profiles (All-Inclusive plan only). For your social media channels, enter complete URLs (facebook.com/YourID, Instagram.com/YourID, linkedin.com/in/YourID…)

Under THE LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK section, from the drop-down menu, select all the languages that you can use to communicate with clients

Under YOUR LOCATION section, either input a detailed address (office address), or just enter and select your city/town name (for example if you operate from home)

Under YOUR PROFESSIONAL GALLERY section (All-Inclusive plan only), upload up to eight photos (preferrably photos which showcase your professional work)

Under YOUR PROFESSIONAL VIDEOS section (All-Inclusive plan only), input up to eight (YouTube) video links (from your YouTube channel, or videos related to your services)

Under YOUR CONSENT section, check the box if you agree to Profescan’s Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy

Hit ‘Submit’

Review your professional profile:

Once your professional profile is published, you will receive an email with a link to your professional profile page. Follow the link and review all your professional profile details to make sure that all the information and details you included are accurate

Edit your professional profile:

To edit your professional profile, make sure you’re signed in, go to your professional profile (profescan.ca/pro/your-name), click the green ‘Edit’ button on the bottom right corner, make all your editing and resubmit

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to chat with us using the Live Chat tool at the bottom right of the screen, or contact us at https://profescan.ca/contact-us/