Top effective Apps for Instagram stories

Top effective Apps for Instagram stories

Have you ever noticed that some Instagram stories are so interesting to watch? They look so professional and you wondered: How did they make them? Which programs did they use? How much time do they take to create?

You have two options if you want to have similar Instagram stories:
– Outsource it to some professional
– Do it yourself using some apps

Outsourcing to some professionals is amazing, but not so many small business owners and startups have the budget for it. I prepared for you the list of the top effective websites and apps you can use today for editing your photos to create beautiful posts and stories. – you can easily create any graphics you need. They have many templates on their free plan, and even much more on their paid plan. I like to use Canva because they have a built-in photo library, so you don’t need to download from somewhere else and then import it. You choose any photo from that library and start editing it as you need.
InShot – you can use it for photos and videos. Great tool to edit video, to add some effects, music, interesting sounds, speedup or slow down your video.
Over – this app is like photoshop. You can work with layers. You can edit photos and videos, you can add different elements and fonts.
Mojo – You can choose from hundreds of animated templates, add tons of expressive text effects. Paid and free plans available.
Unfold (Story maker) – you can plan your Instagram feed in advance, you can choose from many different templates for your stories.

My favourite is Canva for simple projects. And If I need something more creative, then InShot, Mojo and Unfold are great tools to use. Try which works best for you. Please let me know in the comments.

Some tips to improve your Instagram stories:
Add text to your stories – it is highly recommended! More than 50% of users watch stories without sound.
Use a single-colour background for your text when you write a text over some video or photo with a lot of colours.
Add to your stories some interesting games, tests, polls or any sort of interaction. Use your creativity, make it interesting, different and unique

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