The five 'P's you must consider when offering your product or service

The five ‘P’s you must consider when offering your product or service

1- PEOPLE: Identify who your ideal client is. Create an Avatar of your product/service’s perfect buyer, and make sure to address your next ad or promotion to him.

2- PAIN: Know and understand your Avatar’s main struggles and needs. Write down a couple of problems which your product/service can solve. 

3- PROMISE: Create a solution for your Avatar’s challenges. Show them how they can benefit from your product/service.

4- PROCESS / PRODUCTION: Have a clear idea on how you will create your product or offer your services. You must know the process and be able to answer all your client’s questions, such as “what is it made of?”, “how long will it take to deliver?”, “how long will it last?”, and so on.

5- PRICE: Set a pricing for your product/service based on the value it adds, and considering your own expenses, as well as your profit. Ideally, check your competitors’ pricing for a similar product/service, then analyze it and set your own pricing accordingly. 

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