How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Your WordPress website speed depends on lots of factors. In this post, you will find answers to the most popular reasons why your website might be slow, and what you need to change to fix it.

1- Select the Right Type of WordPress Hosting: Usually, hosting is the number one reason why your website is slow. Investing in a good and reliable hosting is a number one priority if you want to have a good, fast loading and secure website.

2- Use a Caching Plugin to Improve Response Time: Some hosting companies offer their own plugins, which include all necessary tools to optimize your website, or you can download and install some plugin that caches data and improves the loading speed of your website.

3- Optimize Images Using a Compression Plugin: There are many plugins which can compress your photos, and make them lighter and faster to load.

4- Speed Up Your Website Loading Time with a CDN (Content Delivery Network): Regardless of where your hosting is located and from which location your reader is surfing your website and reading your content, your cached content will load from the nearest server, which will result in fast loading time for your website.

5- Keep your WordPress up to date: This is important for many reasons, including the security of your website. You can choose to automatically update to the newest WordPress version, or perform the update manually every time there is an update available.

6- Use an SEO-friendly theme: SEO-friendly themes are fast loading and properly coded themes. One more tip is that most PRO theme versions are better coded and they load faster than free theme versions, but this rule does not apply for all themes. You can still find many free themes which load relevantly fast. Do your own research on this. I recommend to test the theme’s demo page with If the demo page has many bugs, it is very likely that your website will have the same bugs.

7- Deactivate and delete plugins you are not using: Why to keep plugins that you don’t need anymore? They do not only slow down your website’s loading time, but they can be a good bridge for some virus or malware into your website. Use as few plugins as possible.

8- Don’t upload video and audio directly to you website: Never upload video or audio files directly to your website. It will take space from your server, increase your bandwidth and increase your website’s loading time. Instead, upload video and audio to YouTube, Vmeo or DailyMotion, and then embed it in your text.

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