How to rank higher on Google Search

How to rank higher on Google Search

It’s very important to have a good ranking on Google to reach more people, attract new clients and increase visibility for your brand. Here are some tips on how to rank higher on Google and other search engines:

1. Optimize your website, make it Google friendly – check all IT characteristics which are important (loading page, images, etc.)

2. Optimize your meta tags to get more clicks. Test different headings, use wording such as “how to” for your content.

3. Try to post interesting content, which will attract visitors to your website. More visitors, more chances to rank higher.

4. Interlink your content – include links to other posts on your website in your new post. It is great to have links to other websites, but it is very important to have internal links too.

5. Create a sitemap, so Google can crawl your site – you can do it manually, or use the free plugin Yoast. It makes it much easier and it works great.

6. Update your content regularly – Google wants to rank new and popular content higher.

7. Share your content on social media channels – It will help you bring more backlinks and get more visibility.

Let us know in the comments below which other tips you would recommend.

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