Frequently Asked Questions

Our main goal is to help connect service providers with clients in their community. We are just an intermediary to facilitate that match.

When we launched this project, we noticed that a lot of users can have similar questions and queries. To make it easier, we provide answers for the Frequently Asked Questions here:

What is Profescan?

Profescan is an online platform designed to enable users to search and find different service providers. Users can search and find service providers based on their location, as well as the language they speak.

Why should I list my services on Profescan?

Profescan gives you the chance to list and showcase your services online. This will grant you enhanced online exposure. Not only can you be found on Profescan directory, but you will also be findable on search engines.

What makes Profescan different?

Our search and filter tool makes us unique. When searching for service providers, you can filter your search, not only based on the service you’re looking for and your geographical location, but also based on the language you want your service provider to be able to speak. This enables you to find service providers who speak your native language if you prefer so.

Who can list their services on Profescan?

All professionals, business owners/operators, startups, freelancers, tradesmen, experts, and specialists, whichever service you provide, you can list your services on Profescan directory. Whether you’re an accountant, babysitter, chiropractor, dentist, dietitian, driving instructor, electrician, financial advisor, fitness trainer, graphic designer, hair stylist, insurance broker, lawyer, makeup artist, massage therapist, ophthalmologist, optician, plumber, psychologist, realtor, tattoo artist, veterinarian…, Profescan is the right online platform for you to list, advertise and boost your services.

How can I list my services on Profescan?

You have to create a professional profile. Select “Create Profile” to get started. New users will need to register. Follow the steps to fill in your info, details, texts, photos and videos, and then submit. Your professional profile page including all the details you just entered will then be automatically generated.

What does it cost me to list my services on Profescan?

You can create, customize and publish your professional profile page, at no cost, totally for free. You can also edit your profile page and republish it at any time at no charges whatsoever.

Do I need to register an account if I want to search for a service provider on Profescan?

No, you don’t need to. Any user can search for a professional on Profescan directory. You can visit our search page ( from any device at any time to look for service providers and check different professional profiles.

How do I build and publish my professional profile page on Profescan?

Make sure you’re registered and logged in, then select “Create Profile“. Start filling in your profile. You can input your name, upload a profile picture, upload a cover photo, select your profession(s)/trade(s)/service(s), write an introduction about yourself, select the language(s) you speak, input your email, your phone number, your website, your social media channels, your business name, your business slogan/vision, select the city(ies)/town(s) where you offer services, input you business address or your base city/town, create a photo gallery and create a video gallery.

Can I still make changes to my professional profile after it has been published?

Yes, you can. Make sure you’re logged in, then go to your professional profile page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, and hit the “Edit” green button at the bottom right. Do whichever changes you want to do to your professional profile and resubmit.

What if I am creating a professional profile and my profession/trade/service is not in the list?

Select “Other” under “My Profession” field, finish filling in your profile and submit. Then contact us after submission using our contact form (, and let us know what your profession is, and that it’s not in the list. We will then add your profession to the list and to your profile.

What if I am creating a professional profile and one of the languages I speak is not in the list?

Select the languages you speak, which are already in the list, finish filling in your profile and submit it. Then contact us using our contact form (, and let us know what the missing language is. We will then add the language to the list and to your profile.

Can I create a professional profile without registering an account?

No, you can’t. To create your professional profile, you will need to be a registered user. When registering, you need to create a username and a password, and enter a valid email address. You’ll need your username (or email) and password to login if you want to create a new profile, edit your existing profile, or delete your profile if you’ll ever need to delete it for some reason. We use your registered email address to communicate with you, if we need to.

Can I delete my published professional profile?

Yes, you can delete your published professional profile at any time if you’ll ever need to for some reason. To delete your profile, make sure you’re signed in to your registered account, then click on the “My Account” silhouette icon at the top right corner, select “My Professional Profile”. Under your professional profile, click on “More” and select “Remove”.

How long does it take to create a professional profile?

It depends on how much information you would like to include, and whether or not your info, details and material are ready and handy. If you have all photos, video links, social media links and introduction text ready on your device, a full profile might just take a couple of minutes to create. We recommend that you submit your profile first with whichever info, details and material you might have handy, then you can prepare whatever you’d like to add, and then go ahead and edit your profile when you’re ready to do so.

What am I recommended to include on my professional profile?

We highly recommend that you include as much info, details and material as possible on your professional profile. In the “About Me” text field, we recommend that you introduce yourself thoroughly. Write about your profession, services, specialties, projects, portfolio, achievements, and anything that makes you better than your competitors. Remember, this section is your elevator pitch, so make sure to be heard, and use keywords and catchy terms. Keywords will also help your profile to be shown on search engines. Upload nice professional photos and videos which showcase your services, projects and achievements. And don’t forget to include links to your professional social media channels.

Can I create more than one professional profile under the same registered account?

Yes, you can. If you’re registered and logged in, you can submit as many professional profiles as you want. If you do so, please note that you will be contacted on your registered email for any communication related to any of the profiles under your account.

Who can rate my services and write reviews about me under my professional profile?

Anybody can rate and write reviews. However, people who want to rate/write reviews will have to register an account with a valid email address first.

What benefits do I get if more clients rate my services and write reviews about me?

Ratings and reviews are the number one online feature potential clients rely on when making decisions. Clients usually like to read reviews about service providers when they’re looking for one. They’re also attracted by high ratings. Therefore, we recommend that you ask as many happy clients as you can to rate your services and write reviews about you.

Do I get notified if a client submits a review under my professional profile?

Yes, you will receive an email on your registered email address every time a client submits a review under your professional profile.

Can I comment on my clients reviews?

Yes, you can. Once you get notified that a client wrote a review on your professional profile, you can add a comment under the review. Both the review and your comment will be publicly visible.

Is Profescan involved in service agreements, payments or service delivery between service providers and clients?

No, Profescan is not involved in service agreements, payments, nor in service delivery. All agreements, services and payments are to be handeled directly between client and service provider. We are not responsible for anything related to agreements, payments, service delivery or service quality. We are just an online tool to help clients to find and contact service providers. Both parties, client and service provider, agree together on service delivery and charges, and we don’t charge anything, nor take any commission, from any of the two parties. 

What is the professional profile promotion service?

If you have a published professional profile, you can promote it to get more exposure and reach more potential clients. Your promoted professional profile will show on the top of relevant searches, and it will be featured on the right sidebar of other professional profile pages.

What is the All-Inclusive VIP service?

The All-Inclusive VIP service is a paid service we offer if you want us to build, tweak, publish and manage your professional profile page for you. We also feature your professional profile on our front page and our social media channels as a part of the service. Your professional profile will show on the top of relevant searches. Your professional profile will also have a customized Call-To-Action button.

Can I advertise on Profescan?

Yes, you can have a Clickable Banner Ad displayed on Profescan’s front page.