Best seven ways for free online marketing

Best seven ways for free online marketing

1. Social media – More channels, more opportunities to spread the word about your business. Work on your social media channels, grow them, collaborate with others, grow your engagement.

2. Facebook Groups – I love this method. Simply post your message in a relevant group, but make sure to read and follow their rules.

3. Create a freebie – give something for free in exchange for people’s emails, phone numbers or any information you need. Then you will be able to send them messages directly later on. Make sure your freebie is relevant to the product you sell, so you reach your target audience which will eventually become your buyers.

4. Host a giveaway – this is a popular method to grow your social media channels fast and market yourself. It does not necessarily mean to give away some product, it can be some service, consultation, or anything you want.

5. Create an affiliate – many bloggers use this method. Simply create an affiliate program for some or all of your products. Encourage other people to sell/advertise your product, and pay them commission from each sale in return.

6. Host a webinar – invest 1,5 hours of your time in a webinar and market yourself. The ideal formula of a webinar is when, for 40 minutes you share some useful information with your audience. And for the remaining time, you show them how your product can solve their problems.

7. Create a YouTube channel – this is a great way to market yourself and your expertise, but it is time consuming. It takes some time to grow your channel, to record your videos and to edit them. It works best if you are an expert in videos and you sell some courses. It might work great if you sell some products too and you show people how that product works, and how it can solve their problems and needs.

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